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Before the first book is ever signed by the author, sold by a bookstore, ordered from a wholesaler, or run on a printing press, collating or binding machine; its components must be produced, developed or created.

EVERY book is different and requires different operations to get it ready for the printing press. Some books require more preliminary work than others. Quite often the source materials are not even fully written by the author before the production process is begun.

This is where Publication Services comes in. WE provide or develop whatever is needed to move your publication from conception, to the delivery of your first completed press run. Where some books, brochures or reports may only need minor formatting and artistic development of the overall concept, OTHERS may require major work.

The individual components that make up a complete book production are detailed specifically on other pages of this website. Take a few moments to review what these might be for YOUR book.

If you have a cover concept, you may only need it developed and created in layout form to complete the exterior of your book. From concept to final films and four color press plates, WE can produce a cover that is fitting for your book.

If you have all the content fully edited and proofed, you may only need a typesetting layout and a light visual proof to finish that portion of the job. If not, you may need some help with putting the final touches on your concept. We do it every day.

If you only have a few bundles of hand written notes, typed manuscripts and college papers or cassette tapes, you may need ALL of the above and then some: tape transcriptions, raw text or typing input, text file conversions, rewriting, editing, proofing sets, multiple submittals, art work compositions, cover design compositions, art and layout final submittals, press blue-lines and color keys; to name but a few of the many complex steps and elements that will go into the making of your book.

What YOU need to know is that WE have the complete range of expertise needed to determine what it is YOUR book needs in EACH step of production. We can come up with a plan for your writing project that closely fits your needs.

We produce lots of different books in many styles and formats to meet the needs of our clients; high or low end, paperback or electronic, hardbound or inexpensive newsprint... and we do it every day. We can produce the highest value possible to fit within your budget.

Together, we can do it one step at a time.

The First Contact

It all starts when you call or write us regarding your project. In our preliminary review of your manuscript or project concept, we seek to ascertain EXACTLY what it is that you want. What your purpose and goals for publishing are. It sounds simple enough, but to do this we need to know some specifics about the KIND of book you want to produce.

About the Author:

Yes, that is exactly right, YOU the author are the source of the book, whether you write every word or have us edit and ghostwrite it from your notes and concepts. Your readers will want to know "Where is this author coming from?" And we need to be able to provide them with a personal context for the content they are going to be reading.

Subject matter:

Is your book to be about diet, exercise, science, medicine, self-help, food recipes, novel, fiction, finance, faith or religion, etc?

The source materials you already have developed:

Do you have a typewritten manuscript, handwritten manuscript, audio cassette taped messages or notes, outlines, video tapes, lecture notes, or a fully edited manuscript on computer file?

The target demographic:

Who would be interested in buying or reading your book? Would it be children, teens, students, professionals, health care workers, men, women, religious groups or some other target audience?

The intended purpose or use for your materials:

Are you writing to entertain, educate, inspire, or empower? Is your book intended to help people, help themselves?

What is your schedule?

When do you want or need to start? What is the target date for completion or delivery of the finished project? Do you need us to help you figure out how long it should take based on what you tell us?

How many books will you need?

Do you know how many you will be "giving away?" Do you have any idea how many you will be selling or distributing on your first print run? Do you have any marketing ideas of your own we should keep in mind?

What is your budget?

Do you already have a budget set aside for this project? Do you need to break it down into smaller pieces to fit that budget? Do you need us to develop a project budget and schedule for you?

Is the material time sensitive?

Christmas, Mother's Day, New Year or date specific in any way?

What portion if any of the project can you do?

You WILL be doing your own final proofs, but is there writing, editing and correction of content that YOU will be willing or able to do? Will you be depending on others to help you in these areas? Will you be able to accept our final determination on what final editorial adjustments need to be made to bring your project up to standard?

Other Considerations

Not often, but sometimes as we review a manuscript, we discover that WE would not be the best folks to produce it. Many times the subject might be more appropriate for another publisher to carry in their own unique demographic. At times, we may have too many manuscripts of one genre due in a limited time frame, and we cannot devote the necessary or appropriate level of attention that particular manuscript may need.

Sometimes the budgets for both time and money are just too tight. Folks who are writing their first book may be shocked to find that they have "hit the wall" and cannot move beyond a certain point in finalizing their content. They may be frustrated at the delays, missteps and sidetracks every good book makes along the way to completion.

Book production, particularly in the writing and editing phases, is not like ordering fast food. For the author or for our editors, things often take more time than scheduled and ideas take longer to gel than planned. There are occasions when we have to turn down helping an author or writer on a project because of differences between author expectations and the physics of ink on paper. The ink just cannot dry any faster.

In such cases, we may recommend other publishers who might be of more help to a particular author, for a whole host of good reasons. Our intent is to develop the right kind of "fit" that will work for the author, and the book content, while remaining consistent with our vast experience and knowledge developed through hundreds of publications over the years.

Make the Call

It is time for you to gather up what answers you can to the questions listed above and make the call. Do not be concerned if you need a lot more answers. WE HAVE answers. Part of our expertise is in drawing from the author EXACTLY what those answers are in precise industry terms. If we cannot help, we still will know where to point YOU, so that you can go the right direction. We want you to succeed. Your success, at the end of the day, is ours too! So call or email and we will begin the dialogue about what you, the author might have in mind.

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